When is Selection Days?

Startupbootcamp Virtual Selection Days will take place on Wednesday 26th Aug, and Thursday 27th Aug 2020. All times are AEST

  • Session 1: Wed 26th Aug - 8.00am to 10.00am
  • Session 2: Wed 26th Aug - 4:00pm to 6.00pm
  • Session 3: Thur 27th Aug - 4:00pm to 6.00pm

What is the location of Selection Days?

This year Selection Days has gone virtual. Mentors and startups will instead meet virtually in Zoom meetings.

How do I register for Selection Days?

To register as a mentor at Selection Days, simply sign up here.

Prior to Selection Days, you will be emailed your login details which will give you access to your mentor dashboard. Your dashboard will include:

  • Unique meeting URLs so you can join your sessions with the startups
  • The ability to update your mentor profile on this website
  • A rating form so that you can provide feedback on each startup that you meet

What can I expect on Selection Days?

From hundreds of applications we have selected 13 of the best and most innovative FinTech startups from around the world. These startups will pitch their businesses and be put through their paces by industry experts like yourself and the Startupbootcamp team. Your feedback and advice will be critical in helping us select the 7 teams that will be joining our next accelerator cohort.

You will meet 4-5 teams in each Selection Day time slot. In order to meet the majority/all of the startups from different countries, we encourage you to join multiple sessions if you are available.

What is the format of a session?

On your Selection Days Zoom call the startup will begin with a 60 second pitch to introduce themselves. This will be followed by 20 minute conversations with yourself and the other mentors, investors and partners present. A Startupbootcamp staff member will act as a host during this session.

After each session, mentors will rate and provide feedback to startups by login into their mentor dashboard. You are able to go back and adjust your ratings after you've submitted them. We’ll refer to these ratings when we select the 7 teams that will join the program.

How do I join the Selection Day sessions on Zoom?

You’ll need to have a Zoom account and the app installed on either your computer, tablet or phone to join. If you don’t have a Zoom account you can signup and download the app here and there’s instructions on how to get started here.

Once you have created a Zoom account, you can find the unique URLs for your session in your mentor dashboard. Simply click on that link and Zoom will open up in another tab, or in the zoom application.

I can’t login to my mentor dashboard, what should I do?

If your 6 digit code is not working - simply email sbc.aus@startupbootcamp.org and we will fix this for you.

I'm being asked for a password when I try to join the Zoom call?

This shouldn't happen, but If you're asked for a password then simply enter "sbcaus", excluding the quotation marks and all lowercase.

I’m having a different problem, what should I do?

Same as above, email us at sbc.aus@startupbootcamp.org.

How can I connect, and share my experience?

You can simply click this link to share that you're attending on Twitter: https://ctt.ac/17XLq

You can also connect with us on various social networks below.

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