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Mentor Session/Room:

Session 1 Wed 26 Aug, 08:00-10:00


Session 2 Wed 26 Aug, 16:00-18:00


Session 3 Thu 27 Aug, 16:00-18:00

Room 1

About Anup:

Growth Marketer focused on scaling companies, new market entry, and capital raising. I thrive on uncertainty and turn crisis into opportunity. Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who is running an emerging technology company? Are you now at the stage where you are ready to scale but need a partner with strong marketing acumen? I work with companies as a partner in growth delivering 5 to 10x return on investment. I have a 100% success rate and all of the companies that we worked with have achieved high-value exits. I work on a Fee+equity model and focus on the long term outcomes. Having a strong digital agency that I lead, I am able to combine strategy and execution to generate the milestones we believe are possible...and sometimes make the impossible possible Several companies we have worked with have been raised capital for several rounds and then acquired by big names like Fairfax and Newscorp. The companies I work with become more profitable, gain market share and enter new markets within months of partnering with me. I offer them my strategic insights, ability to execute and a network of connections to make this possible.

Areas of Expertise:

Growth Hacking Marketing Marketing Strategy

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