London, United Kingdom is transforming Risk & Compliance using NLP

The problem we're solving:

As regulatory globalisation accelerates, the
cost of compliance is becoming too high, with high skilled staff time being spent sustaining, rather than taking strategic advantage of the new landscape.

Our solution: automates the core quality checks with greater consistency than a human; empowering staff to focus on higher order activities that contribute toward a more robust
control environment.

Our differentiator:

Our relationships and domain knowledge. We know the key players and domain area very well in a complex niche which makes it easy for us to exploit and defend.
Technologically, we utilise Serverless to perform Machine Learning work which is unusual and makes our margins superior to most companies operating these services

Biggest achievement:

Being profitable within our first year and striking partnerships with real users.

Program themes:


Team members:

Jack Tyler-Whittle

Data Scientist

Josh Harrison

Co-Founder & CTO

Richard Hurley

Co-Founder & CEO

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