San Jose, United States

datacy allows people to collect, manage and sell their online data easily and transparently and gives businesses instant access to high quality and bespoke consumer datasets that are legally and ethically sourced directly from the people.

The problem we're solving:

The process of buying consumer data is secretive and unnecessarily complicated - resulting in poor data quality and forcing businesses to engage in unethical practices and pay arbitrary prices. Inaccurate, incomplete, and unethical third-party consumer data costs businesses $600 billion every year in poor strategic decisions, missed opportunities, and compliance issues.

Our solution:

Datacy provides consumer behavior and activity datasets that are of the highest quality, tailor-made to business needs, and offered in near real-time. Our data is legally and ethically sourced from consumers, who sell it directly to businesses through our data marketplace.

Our differentiator:

100% Accuracy: Datacy has been built to automatically source and process data as users browse or use applications. Automatic processing and direct sourcing of data remove unnecessary delays and human errors, and manipulation - ensuring data quality and trustworthiness.

More complete: Every day we collect ~ 340,000 data points on every user across 80 parameters, covering user online activity across all websites and online services.

Analytics ready: Our data is structured, parsed, consistently formatted, and labeled at source, for easy interpretation and modeling.

Legal and ethical: All data is collected and shared directly and consensually by consumers - making the sourcing process 100% legal and ethical. Users have complete transparency and control over what data is collected and sold and are compensated proportionately for sharing their data.

Biggest achievement:

We bootstrapped to a fully functional data exchange platform in the last year and a half and have signed up over 7K users and 40 businesses on our waitlist, representing a ~40% monthly growth.

Program themes:

Data Management

Team members:

Kaleb Wilson


Paroma Indilo


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