Harpocrates Solutions

Berlin, Germany

Harpocrates Solutions provides simplified data privacy compliance.

The problem we're solving:

Massive consequences, reputational damage, loss of revenue and high fines threaten companies if found to be violating privacy laws. Apps, services, automotive and IoT solutions often don’t ensure compliance through a unified but rather through a “stitching- together” approach. A recent survey found 52% of all UK business to be not compliant with GDPR

Our solution:

Provide a one-stop-shop for IoT and app developers to become and stay compliant as well as for end-consumers to control their data and privacy settings centrally, on a global scale, across all consumer devices and services.

Our differentiator:

We provide the first integrated Compliance as a Service platform, ensuring privacy by design directly in the device or App and providing compliance throughout the product lifecycle.

Biggest achievement:

Going from having an idea only around 10 months ago to now having a dev. team, a prototype, a company established, trademark and one customer/partner.

Program themes:


Team members:

Jan Jensen


Jascha Hajek


Martin Foerster


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