London, United Kingdom

LVFLFi is gamifying customer engagement and customer wellness to increase brand relationship while lowering claims and costs.

The problem we're solving:

Health and Life insurance companies have difficulty engaging their insured population, as well as it being hard to create brand loyalty for an unexciting product like insurance, particularly for younger generations.

Our solution:

LVLFi offers a cost effective rewards program that encourages engagement, reduces overall costs and is a net positive for the insurer.

Our differentiator:

Lowers aggregate health risk and allows for consumers to better connect to their insurer through a differentiated product offering. Also informs insured consumers of other products for cross-selling and education.

Biggest achievement:

Trial for 8 months with Fortune 100 health showed a sustained 19% increase in average steps among a majority obese population, trial was extended 4x, including during lock-down conditions.

Program themes:

Claims and Risks

Team members:

Ale Del Valle


Alex Devoto


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