Ontrack Retirement

Singapore, Singapore

Ontrack provides B2B white label digital retirement planning solutions for financial institutions to help their customers in a more personalised way.

The problem we're solving:

Retirement planning isn't trending well because it is not an easy task for people to plan, as well as being unaffordable and struggling with KYC and compliance issues.

Our solution:

Using AI to translate behavioural insights, personal circumstances and contextual reality to create a personal life-map for those entering retirement, that is completely adaptable.

Our differentiator:

Using a Lifestyle Quotient, that creates a blend of mental and physical Health, wealth and the ability to deal with change in creating an adaptable retirement plan.

Biggest achievement:

Pivoting and learning what our customers/users want early enough. Also, we are working with MetLife in Korea and H&R Block in Aus.

Program themes:

Financial Health and Wellbeing

Team members:

Lucas Weatherill


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