Sydney, Australia is a Customer Data Platform that powers stored value

The problem we're solving:

When data is collected from a merchant, it is expensive, has limited visibility of supplier performance vs. competition, lags in data provision, and has no data enrichment from partners to improve insights.

Our solution:

With, businesses can leverage
unrivalled data insights which enhance customer
communication thus accelerate business growth, through providing real-time data at a lower cost.

Our differentiator:

Plastiq will award customers’ Cashback up to five
times faster than the current Cashback sector via
an industry fund that fractionalises securities &
writes off losses in real-time.

Biggest achievement:

Crowdfunding - set a record in Australia. Accepted into Visa FinTech Fastrack ~ 140 global teams.

Program themes:

Data Management

Team members:

Andrew Banks

Executive Chairman

David Anderson


Tricia Stevens


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